The following link is to teachers planning conference with NC & ORT BA and the Class meeting on Monday Nov. !4, 2011 at 16:00 Israel Time - 11:00 AM Buenos Aires Time
Press on link after scheduled time & sign in to conference as guest.

The Replay of the Videoconference can be seen by clicking above link and going to replay. The Meeting starts about about 29 minutes into the replay!

Here are quickstart instructions for using the Flashmeeting platform:

Points for today's discussion:
  • Can ORT meet at 11:45. Our kids go home at 5:25 PM!
  • One or two videoconferences?
  • Tentative schedule for videoconference:

Planning for Video Conference on Monday, Nov 14

Buenos Aires opens

Introductions of Students/ Teachers

2 minute presentation of the city of Buenos Aires, ORT Argentina's High School

Neve Channa

Introductions of Students/ Teachers

2 minute presentation of: Being a Teen is Gush Etzion

Neve Channa asks 3 Questions:

Buenos Aires Responds

BA Asks 3 Questions

NC Responds

Closing -- (Skip if we are out of time)
NC Closing Words

BA Closing Words

Sing Hatikva Together