Neve Chana Extracurricular Activities
Shoshana, Noa and Eliana
dressing_day.jpgIn Neve Chana there are many extracurricular activities, in addition to regular studies. There is a program called Etrog that is a learning overnight program, also there are two seminars a year for each grade, and lastly once a month on a Monday night we have and overnight activity that the school provides for us. Each program is unique and special in its own way, and all the programs are well rounded with learning and fun.
Many of the school's students attend the optional Etrog program once a week. The program, that starts on Wednesday afternoons and goes on into the night (including sleeping in the school dormitories), is based on "limud lishma", learning torah for the sake of learning- not for a test or grade. The girls who choose to attend Etrog are greeted with many different mediums of learning, including classes, chevruta (learning in groups), and guest speakers. In addition there are also activities lead by each grade's counselor, group singing, dinner, and breakfast. The girls have the opportunity to learn about things that they personally are interested in, in addition to the curriculum that has to be taught throughout our high school years The program is very enriching and lends a more meaningful air to torah learning that cannot be achieved in the day- to –day classroom.
Every year, each grade attends two seminars- one with the whole school before Yom Kippur (that takes place on the school's campus) and another, each grade separately, on a different location in the country. This year's pre-Yom Kippur seminar was on the subject of 'Chomer v'Ruach" (matter and spirit). We attended interesting classes, discussions and activities on that subject, after which we slept in the school. We are looking forward to our second seminar this year!
One more thing that we have here in Neve Chana- every month the school puts together a Monday night activity. The staff invites lecturers, actors and sometimes the teachers themselves to enrich us in many subjects. We plan meals and late night movies, and everyone sleeps in rooms that were assigned in the beginning of tsponges.jpghe year. The moral of the evening is also very important; we always learn something new and meaningful. It's fun to be able to do something a little out of the ordinary and we all enjoy this evenings very much.
In conclusion, Neve Chana strive strives to enrich its students with these and other activities. The girls enjoy the school's extracurricular activities, and are always looking forward to the next one.