Nc Enrichment Opportunities
Meitav, Shira and Kayla

In Neveh Channah, many enrichment opportunities are open to us. One of the many opportunities we have here in Neveh Channah, besides our high level of academics, is a program called: את"רג"Etrog" from the psalm"אל תביאני רגל גאווה" (תהילים ל"ו י"ב).
The Etrog program was established close to 15 years ago and originally had only 30 participants. In recent years the program has expanded and now approximately a whole third of Neveh Channah's students participate in the Etrog experience.
Etrog runs on a voluntary basis. Every Wednesday, girls decide to stay in school after hours and enrich their Torah knowledge. They start with two torah lessons, which are followed by spiritual singing, a lesson in small groups about the following Shabbats Parasha, and a interesting guest speaker from outside of school perimeters who speaks about a subject of his liking.
After a day full of serious lessons and enrichment in a Torah environment the girls have a social more relaxed activity planned by their personal counselor. Later, after they have fulfilled the day's program, the girls sleep overnight in the school.
Besides for this very special program girls have the opportunity to choose a major from some of the arts- for example: music, art, Hebrew literature, geography and history of Israel, and many more.
In categories such as art and music, half the year is spent learning history and technique and the second half spent feeling the beauty of the subject firsthand.
All girls having participated in any of these programs has agreed that they have made a significant addition to their education, personality, and personal idealisms.