NC Curriculum

Neve Chana is a high school for Jewish teenager girls. It is placed right outside of Alon Shvut in Gush Etzion.
In Neve Chana we learn all kinds of different subjects, and life lessons which make us better people. We not only learn religious subject but also secular subjects. Each class has its own home room teacher and around 20 other classmates. In Neve Chana, the home room teacher is also a friend: someone who is always willing to talk to you and support you. Most classes like getting together also after school and sometimes during school to do something fun to get to know there classmates better.
Once every three weeks, the whole school sleeps in school on Monday. On those Mondays there is always some fun activities that include the whole school. The goal of this is to get all the girls in the school to bond. There are five Shabbats a year that we spend in school and it is very fun.
In Neve Chana there are about three tests a week. The school is very demanding and to keep up with everyone else you have to work very hard. When you start learning in Neve Chana the teachers tell you about something that is called a bagrut. It is a big exam that is taken in every subject. Some at the end of tenth grade some at the end of eleventh grade and some at the end of twelfth grade. If you don’t pass these tests you have to take the class over again the next year.
Besides the bagrut subject that are a must you have to choose two extra classes to take. You work very hard on these classes and in the end you also have a bagrut in them. When you pick what two classes you are going to take you learn them lots of hours a day but it does not mean that the rest of the grade does not have that class.
The school is very demanding academically, klick on the NC extracurricular activities if you would like to learn more about the fun activities that we have!