We are from Sydney Australia.

There are about 55,000 Jews there, most of whom have come from somewhere else, or their parents have come from somewhere else.

Most of our community is made of of some Jews of British origin who were there before WW2, then a very large migration from Hungary and Czechoslovakia after the Shoa and a small group of sephardim, about 5% mainly from India or Singapore of Iraqui origin.

In more recent years we have had waves of Israeli and Sth African migration.

Most of our kids go to Jewish Day Schools, we have strong Zionist Youth Movements and about half of all school graduates go on a programme to Israel after High School. Most for the summer and about 1/3rd for a full year.

Most of the community is nominally Orthodox with about 20% Progresive and/Reform.

About 10% of the community has made alyah.