field.jpgBy: Shira, Maya & Noa

Israel was founded in 1948 based on an a thousand year old dream for Jews to return to their home land and build an independent country where they can take care of themselves. After two thousand years of persecution it was time for us to be granted the right to protect ourselves. That is not the only reasons were proud to call ourselves Israeli citizens.

Israel prides itself for collecting people from all over the world with the same hopes and dreams of a strong independent Jewish country. The beauty in the Israeli culture is that we have a taste of everything. As a society we accept everyone regardless of their appearance habits and language. For example some of us have one American and one Moroccan parent and feel lucky because we get to benefit from the best of both cultures.

berries.jpgDespite our young age,Israelhas only been around for about 60 years we are one of the leading countries in intelligence and scientific discoveries. Our water purifying system is so advanced that we can use gray water for almost anything.Jewish tradition is deeply engraved in Israeli culture. It's almost impossible to separate being Jewish from being Israeli. Everybody respects Jewish holidays and other traditions no matter their level of observance. Coming fromAmericaoriginally it is so exciting to see pre-Pessach clothingSaleor "happy Chanukah" greeting on coke bottles. These things may seem obsolete and childish but it strengthens the wonderful feeling that Judaism surrounds us.

Last but not least, Israelis special because of its incredible location between 3 contents – Asia Africa and Europe. As result, in the 10 hours it takes to drive from one end of the country to the other (lengthwise), you go through 5 different climates (rocky mountains, green fields, coral reefs and much much more) its great for research and vacation. When you come to visit you can't miss the lowest place on earth – the Dead Sea. These are some of the reasons were proud to live here and consider ourselves Israeli.