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Gush Etzion

The symbol of Gush Etzion

Gush Etzion (The Etzion Bloc) is located in the Yehuda mountains, south of our capital, Jerusalem (20 minutes driving distance).There are about 20 communal settlements.
The day before Israel became a state, the fighters in Gush Etzion surrendered to the Arabs, and there were no Jews in Gush Etzion until the six-day war, in 1967, when we captured Gush Etzion once again!
There is a variety of people in Gush Etzion, mostly National religious. While there are many citizens who were born and raised in Israel, many of them are new Olim (immigrants), from different countries, such as the US, France, Peru, Russia, etc.
The community in Gush Etzion is very supportive and helpful, for example "HaPina HaChama" is a free café for soldiers who are on duty in the area. If they want to drink or eat something, they go to "HaPina HaChama" and nice women who volunteer there, help them. There are many more examples of "Hessed" – charitable deeds – in Gush Etzion, such as "Yad BeYad" (where you can find second-hand clothing and household items at low prices, in addition to the free meals that are served to less fortunate people).
There are a lot of Vineyards in Gush Etzion, and by the main junction there is a Winery, where you can drink the Wine "straight out of the vineyard"!

Fun facts:

  • Gush Etzion has the longest zip-line (omega) in Israel, which is the second-highest in the whole world!
  • You can go horseback riding
  • There are many places to hike in Gush Etzion!

Due to those amazing facts about Gush Etzion…