Buenos Aires is a city plenty of entertainment. We are going to introduce you to this amuzing city.

Day life!

During the day there are lots of activities for you to do (when you're not in school, of course)

Buenos Aires zoo is a cheap way of going out for hours. It's on Palermo neighborhood. Also you can go to Temaiken which is a different zoo cause some animals are free to go wherever they want. It is a very good way of learning about animals.
The city has lots of cinemas for you to go all over the country. Also you have alternative cinemas which show different types of movies (independent cinema or maybe some of little countries)
Outside places
There are lots green places for you to choose. Like river, Japannese garden, public parks, planetary. All of them are public places so you can go and spend a beautiful day there.
Cultural activities
You can find museums of any kind, artisitics, technologics, and other cool stuff. Often they have very interestings expositions or maybe old movies.
There are lots of things you can do at home. If you have a computer, you can play computer games, watch TV series or chat with friends. If you have a TV there are lots of TV shows for you to watch and series also.
Writen by Wendy Kleiman & Juncal Critian