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Society (migration - poverty - welfare)

About tabues and black comedy. Is it tabu to make jokes about Nazism, jokes about Jews there? (in general)
Is it tabu to do that in between young kids?

Politics (domestic affairs in Argentina/The Palestinian-Israeli conflict
Do you favor or oppose the creation of a Palestinian state?

Everyday life
Are you forced to do military service (tzava) ?

Are public schools religious? If so, do they teach Creationism?

NC Answer:
In Israeli society it is quite common to use black comedy as a way to cope. Its all over the media. Among children it is less common their is certain sensitivity that most people try and maintian. Its a complicated topic because on the one hand its a way people deal with all sorts of frustrations (rockets, terrorism..) on the other some things just arent funny!

The creation of a palestinian state for us among other things means vacating our homes,communities and pretty much our lives as we know them. If we thought it would bring peace it would be a sacrifice we would be willing to make but Chamas (a terroirst organization who leads the palstainans) has announced their goal; the destruction of the Israeli state and not building their own home. Therfore handing land to a terroirst organization who wants us demolished seems fruitless, dangerous and quite frankly - stupid.

Everyday Life
Officially, everyone is obligated to serve in the army. Though it isn’t hard to be dismissed if youd like. Some reasons people don’t want to serve in the army are because it isn’t easy to be religious in the army. Also some times people want to get a head start on life, studying in university, and not "waste" three years. But our country does its best to make sure everyone can contribute. For example, girls can do national service, with kids, at schools, old age homes and more. And theirs a new program in the army for orthodox soldiers, where they can fight like everyone else, but also have kosher meals, and time to doven. But I must say, force isn’t a relevant term, because most people have an inner motivation and feel a strong obligation to give back to their beautiful country.

No. not all public school are religious but every school has a certian requerment of jewish studys. Each school is catered to fit the norms of the community in which it educates. In an ultra-othodox community people arent not taught creationism but we are.


Do you watch "how I met your mother"? If not What you watch?

How many of you have considered making aliya?

What do you identify with more - Israel or Argentia?